Become a light enterpreneur



Send invoices easily

Invoicing your clients is easy with the help of KevytPRO. Just log in to our system, fill in the invoice details, and we will handle the rest.


No need for accounting

You do not need to handle the bookkeeping yourself, as KevytPro will be responsible for the financial management of invoices.


Easy payment transactions

After your client has paid the invoice, KevytPRO will deduct all necessary payments from the amount already paid and accounts for your salary.


We also provide optional insurance, such as liability and accident insurance.

Why does a KevytPRO entrepreneur earn more?

The benefits of light entrepreneurship are based on removing that one intermediary from between you and the buyer (employer). This is also beneficial to your employer since all salary-related expenses are eliminated.

As a light entrepreneur, you will benefit from:

1. You do not need your own business or business ID

Enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship without the challenges and risks that usually come with owning a business.

2. No money is needed

Unlike with starting a business, no start-up capital is required to start as a light entrepreneur.

3. The ease of invoicing

As a KevytPRO entrepreneur, you do not have any paperwork or unnecessary bureaucracy

4. No monthly payments or commitments

KevytPRO does not charge a monthly fee or apply any minimum charges, neither do you have to commit to any fixed-term contracts.

5. Tax deductions

As a KevytPRO entrepreneur, you can deduct running costs, such as tools, necessities or bought services.

Who are KevytPRO entrepreneurs?

Many different contractors operate in KevytPRO. Whether you are a construction worker, office employee, designing freelancer, or truck driver. Many times employers favor light entrepreneurs since their business will use significantly fewer financial management resources on salary payment processes when contractors work as KevytPRO light entrepreneurs.

How does KevytPRO work?

Using KevytPRO is extremely easy. You do not need a business ID, VAT ID, or do your own financial statements or accounting.


Follow the six steps below, and you are ready to become a light entrepreneur. Our system will help you every step of the way, and our customer support is always available to help.

Signing up is completely free. We will only charge you when you’re receiving payments, and taxes and your salary’s other legal payments will be directly deducted from your salary.


1. Sign up

Signing up is free and can be completed quickly done from our site. To sign up, you need a valid e-mail address, nothing more.

2. Log in

When signing up, you will receive a username and password to your e-mail.

3. Send in your tax card

Simultaneously, we will help you to acquire pension insurance you need to act as a light entrepreneur.


4. Invoice for the work

Using our system, you can easily send invoices to your clients. Your client can be a business, consumer, association, foundation; options are limitless.

5. Your client pays the invoice

At this point, the invoiced funds are transferred to KevytPRO.

6. KevytPRO pays you

You will receive your salary from KevytPRO, from which taxes and other charges have been deducted. A payslip will be immediately sent to your e-mail. That’s all!

Become a light entrepreneur

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We will gladly tell you about the benefits of light entrepreneurship and why KevytPRO is the best invoicing solution without owning a business. We welcome you to the growing user base of KevytPRO!

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